Can I quickly promote a popup to a regular window?

What happened?

(Re-)opened Info with SPC h i (or other buffers like describe-function).

What did you expect to happen?

It would be nice if I could quickly (e.g. with a single command) “promote” the popup with Info or a function description to a normal window that participates as normal in window navigation and movement, with a buffer that’s listed in the buffer list, etc.

Best I’ve found is to maximise the window (if I’m happy for it to become the only window) or to close the popup and then SPC b b in an existing window and manually type the buffer name, e.g. “info” if I don’t want to disturb my existing window layout.

I’m vaguely aware I can set certain buffers/modes (?) to never appear in popups, but I wondered if I could do this ad-hoc with specific buffers rather than configuring it in advance and always affecting all buffers of that type.