In discord, Tecosaur put fourth the idea of using our open-source cacofriend until Henrik gets the logo he’s looking for so it’s a consistent look across the discourse. While I am biased, I like the idea of us using an open-source resource than borrowing another person’s artwork.

Modified the previous digital illustration

But I suspect the more hand-drawn look is still preferred so started giving that a shot.

Just getting started but have some progress

Can tell it’s going to take a few passes to get good but having fun with the direction for now and can add it to the collection.


I really like the hand drawn aesthetic of the second one (I assume the font will also change to match with time?) Its almost fuzzy which makes it more cuddly, like a tribble almost

One thing I will say is that while I understand this is a first iteration, the highlights seem almost too bright.

(also s/Tecosoaur/Tecosaur)

awesome work as always

For sure, aim to do the whole jam in that aesthetic.

Ack! Good catch

That’s probably true, feels like there’s going to be a few passes of pushing and pulling details out until it feels right.

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