Broken sync after moving a repo folder

What happened?

I’ve moved the pdf-tools repo to pdf-tools-orig as per some package’s install direction, and it broke doom sync. I moved it back, but it’s still broken in the same way:

Synchronizing “default” profile… Regenerating envvars file e[032m✓ Generated ~/doom-emacs/.local/enve[0m Installing packages… - Checked out pdf-tools: bc2ba117e8c3196ff9adf0da4fa1e63a8da3d7c8 Building pdf-tools… e[031mx There was an unexpected runtime errore[0m e[01mMessage:e[0m File error e[01mDetails:e[0m (“Removing old name” “Permission denied” “c:/Users/Jonathan/doom-emacs/.local/straight/build-28.1/pdf-tools/epdfinfo.exe”) e[01mBacktrace:e[0m (delete-file "c:/Users/Jonathan/doom-emacs/.local/straight/build-28… (apply delete-file "c:/Users/Jonathan/doom-emacs/.local/straight/bui… (files–force t delete-file "c:/Users/Jonathan/doom-emacs/.local/str… (#[257 “\301!@\302=\203 \303\300"\207\304\302\305#\207” [r… (mapc #[257 "\301!@\302=\203 \303\300"\207\304\302\305#\20… (delete-directory "c:/Users/Jonathan/doom-emacs/.local/straight/buil… (progn (delete-directory dir 'recursive)) (if (file-exists-p dir) (progn (delete-directory dir 'recursive))) (let ((dir (straight–build-dir package))) (if (file-exists-p dir) (… (progn (let ((dir (straight–build-dir package))) (if (file-exists-p… (let* ((–cl-rest-- recipe) (package (car (cdr (plist-member --cl-re… (straight–symlink-package (:type git :flavor melpa :files ("lisp/*… e[033m! Wrote extended backtrace to ~/doom-emacs/.local/state/logs/cli.doom.230409160823.28040.errore[0m e[033m! Script was abruptly aborted, leaving Doom in an incomplete state!e[0m - Run ‘doom sync’ to repair it. e[032m✓ Finished in 23.25233se[0m

any ideas on how to get out this situation?

Remove c:/Users/Jonathan/doom-emacs/.local/straight/build-28.1/pdf-tools/ and doom sync.

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