`bradyt/dart-mode` repository missing

Github issue: #6621

The problem: for some reason the https://github.com/bradyt/dart-mode repo was deleted, so users of Doom’s :lang dart module will see errors when installing/updating it.

What’s being done: This was reported to MELPA, so I expect it to be resolved soon, otherwise I’ll update the recipe to use a mirror.

The workaround: in the meantime, you can fix this locally by overriding Doom’s recipe to use this mirror:

;; in $DOOMDIR/packages.el
(package! dart-mode :recipe (:repo "emacsfodder/dart-mode"))

Then run $ doom sync -u and restart Emacs.

GitHub - bradyt/dart-mode: An Emacs mode for the Dart language is back, so the workaround is no longer necessary.