Better-jumper add jump to switch buffer and find-file

I’m used to using PyCharm’s navigation features, which are great. I’m now using a mishmash of better-jumper and mark ring popping etc. I’d like to just use better jumper, but it doesn’t seem to set enough jumps. I’ve also run into trouble setting advice on functions that end up setting way too many jumps.

Has anyone had success adding better-jumper in more places? I’d specifically like it to set a jump when I find-file and also C-x b and C-x C-b (+ivy/switch-workspace-buffer). The interactivity of that function seems to muck up my attempts to add jumps to the func. Any advice?

Do you use evil? If so, you can use something like (evil-add-command-properties #'projectile-find-file :jump t)

No, I switched to vanilla shortcuts a couple years ago. I think this may be why better-jumper isn’t setting enough jumps. (Many people using evil and not having the same problems.)