Best way to test PRs/modules locally

Not quite sure where the best place for this is, but figured this is safe enough…

I’m wondering what people’s workflows for testing/using PRs out locally. Maybe multiple PRs at the same time, plus custom modules. My thought it to probably change my doom’s upstream to my fork and then maintain a branch on that fork which is the various PRs/forks/branches I care about, and then writing my config to just treat those non-main branch modules as standard.

My current setup is pretty gross, I’m more or less copy/pasting (applying a patch actually, but the same idea) PRs into my config and applying them on rebuild.

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The github cli has the ability to check out pull requests. Its ptobably the simplest solution to check out any single PR.

The other option is to add the remote usually and then fetch branches and check them out from there.

For checking out individual and isolated modules you can use work trees. I am not sure of the exact process here but magit has support for it so its not terribly hard. I can dig out the workflow.

The other other more cursed answer is to add the remotes of the PRs and then just make your own branch merging all of them in. This is more for long term usage (which should not be happening as much)

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