Any tutorial to learn Evil?

Hey all. I’m a happy Doom Emacs user for more than 4 years. All this while I have been using default Emacs keybindings to be a pure Emacsen and reduce conflicts with other packages.

All these days, I have been typing with only four fingers. Like I can type without looking at the keyboard but just with four fingers. I got a new keyboard recently and thought it would be good for my hands and improve my typing speed if I could use all 10 fingers (i.e. learn touch typing).

What I found is that, touch typing and Emacs Ctrl based keybindings don’t go that well together. I also don’t want to swap Ctrl with CapsLock.

So I switched out to Evil and it has been great so far. I know only basics of Vim, like press I to edit text, do the edit and then Esc and then SPC f s to save it. But I think that if I want to be pure Evil, then I should learn it to the fullest.

So here we go, is there any tutorial (like Emacs’ out of box tutorial) that teaches Evil for someone from the fundamentals? When I searched on the Internet I found many suggesting to learn Vim and then try Emacs’ Evil. Should I do that?

I don’t want a cheat-sheet by the way. I think that is only helpful if you already know how to use it and when to use it.

Thanks in advance! Thanks for Doom Emacs!

You can use vim-targeted resources (e.g. vimtutor/vim books) to learn most of the evil bindings - you don’t actually need to use vim.

Yep that’s what I did finally.