Any hint on installing doom on windows

What happened?

Followed instructions for windows installing here Installing Doom Emacs on Windows - DEV Community :woman_technologist::man_technologist: to no avail. Getting a message requesting to issue doom sync but i have run it many times no success so far. Still vanilla emacs.

These instrucions are the origin of the official wiki instructions here:

What did you expect to happen?

doom emacs installed and running

Steps to reproduce

follow the above mentioned procedure for installing doom emacs in windows 10

System information

windows 10 git bash command line

What happens when you run doom sync?

Where is your .emacs.d folder located?

Where is runemacs.exe located?

Where is the .../bin/doom script located?

Have you tried restarting your computer?

doom doctor output:

 There was an unexpected runtime error
  Message: File is missing
  Details: ("Opening directory" "No such file or directory" "c:/Users/joe/.emacs.d/.local/straight/build-28.2")

location of .emacs.f folder ~/.emacs.d (c:/Users/joe/.emacs.d)

location of runemacs.exe "C:\Program Files\Emacs\emacs-28.2\bin\runemacs.exe"

location of bin/doom script c:/Users/joe/.emacs.d

Tried restarting computer several times

Hmm, this is puzzling.

Can you confirm if c:/Users/joe/.emacs.d/.local/straight/build-28.2 is actually missing?

If it doesn’t exist try doom build.

Running build worked! Thanks

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