Alternate Embark Keybindings

C-; is the default binding for iedit-mode.

Please consider using something else.

Do you have a suggestion for an alternate keybinding? At the time it looked like it would be hard to not step on anybodies toes, so i tried to just choose the least bad option.

cc @hlissner

Can you link back to the rest of this thread for context please. (No idea how to find the rest of the conversation in Discourse.)

Ok found it…!

Anyway, if you can bind it in the minibuffer map only, that’s fine. I’d only be concerned if it was a global binding.

iEdit becomes as ubiquitous in use as isearch when you use it, so it’s pretty central to workflow for those that do use it.

Outside the minibuffer I just use <leader> a as provided.

Personally in minibuffers, I bind embark-act to "<backtab>" (shift - tab), it allows me to easily press some embark heads which are a single shifted alphabetic key such as “A”, “B”, “E”, "S, etc. without twisting my fingers to change the modifier (from Control like “C-;” & friends).

I’m using Emacs bindings with Doom.