All colors messed up on Wayland

What happened?

Switched to Wayland on KDE Plasma - all colors get messed on second invocation of emacsclient --create-frame

Steps to reproduce

Not sure

System information

I think you’re missing a compilation flag for wayland compatibility. I don’t see pgtk on the list of features (--with-pgtk)

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Oh, that’s good to know. Do you need to compile emacs from source then, or is there a package in arch/AUR repositories for that?

By the way I uninstalled nvidia drivers and utilities and the problem seems to have gone away. But your solution is obviously better.

I don’t use Arch/pacman so really I have no idea. But emacs-wayland looks like it. Not sure it that version has nativecomp or how to mix features.

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Sorry, this was my fault. It turned out that removing mistakenly the /usr/share/egl/egl_external_platform.d/15_nvidia_gbm.json file (while trying to setup GPU Passthrough for libvirt) caused it (90% sure).

Reinstalling nvidia-utils seems to have solved it. Thank you again for your help and sorry for the oversight.

UPDATE: turns out there is more to this story. If you accidentally “crash” KDE Wayland the problem returns.

The problem returns also (permanently) on Hyprland.

Any suggestions would be welcome. 99% this is a DRM graphics issue though.