Add julia-formatter to the julia module

I suggest to add julia-formatter to the julia module.

The author just fixed it, so that it is working with Doom Emacs and the julia module is missing a formatter.

[dump]generated Jan 28, 2023 22:45:49 system NixOS 22.11.2058.ce20e9ebe19 (Raccoon) Linux 6.1.8 x86_64 emacs 28.2 ~/.emacs.d/ doom 3.0.0-pre PROFILE=_@0 grafted, HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD e9662492 2023-01-01 21:55:13 -0500 ~/.doom.d/ shell /run/current-system/sw/bin/fish features CAIRO DBUS FREETYPE GIF GLIB GMP GNUTLS GSETTINGS HARFBUZZ JPEG JSON LIBOTF LIBSELINUX LIBSYSTEMD LIBXML2 M17N_FLT MODULES NATIVE_COMP NOTIFY INOTIFY PDUMPER PNG RSVG SECCOMP SOUND THREADS TIFF TOOLKIT_SCROLL_BARS X11 XAW3D XDBE XIM XPM LUCID ZLIB traits batch server-running envvar-file custom-file modules :config use-package :completion (company +childframe +auto) (vertico +childframe +icons) :ui deft doom doom-dashboard hl-todo (ligatures +fira +extra) minimap modeline nav-flash ophints (popup +defaults) (treemacs +lsp) workspaces :editor (evil +everywhere) file-templates fold (format +onsave) multiple-cursors snippets word-wrap :emacs (dired +icons) electric (ibuffer +icons) (undo +tree) vc :checkers (syntax +childframe) :tools (eval +overlay) (lookup +dictionary +offline) (lsp +eglot) magit pdf :os tty :lang emacs-lisp (julia +lsp) (lua +lsp) nix (org +dragndrop +pandoc +roam2 +pretty) (sh +lsp) :config (default +bindings +smartparens) packages (julia-formatter :recipe (:host codeberg :repo FelipeLema/julia-formatter.el :files (julia-formatter.el formatter_service.jl Manifest.toml Project.toml))) (aggressive-indent) (crux) (highlight-parentheses) (hungry-delete) (evil-snipe :disable t) (peep-dired) (emacsql :built-in 'prefer) (emacsql-sqlite :built-in 'prefer) (emacsql-sqlite3 :built-in 'prefer) (rainbow-mode) unpin flycheck elpa emacsql-sqlite3 emacsql-sqlite emacsql[/dump] blocks.