About the Non-Doom Configs category

Support for Emacs users that don’t use Doom Emacs.

:warning: Read our help guidelines before posting. Posts may be unlisted or delayed otherwise.

:warning: This category is for users that don’t use Doom, or want advice for a non-Doom config (E.g. a hand-rolled one or another starter kit).

Use this space to:

  • Get help with a non-Doom Emacs config.

Don’t use this space to:

  • Get help with a Doom Emacs config[1].
  • Get help with an issue that is completely unrelated to Emacs.
  • Request features (belongs in #dev).
  • Discuss Doom’s development or open PRs (belongs in #dev).
  • Discuss community content on Discourse, Discord, or Github (belongs in #meta).
  • Social or off-topic discussion (belongs in #discuss or #random)


For issues that don’t concern Doom, you may have better luck asking in larger communities, such as:

  1. Using Doom changes what assumptions we can make about your issue. Use this category if you don’t use Doom. Use #support (or another sub-category) if you do use Doom. ↩︎