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A curated repository of guides, examples, and resources to help you use, abuse, and confuse Doom Emacs.

:pushpin: Don’t forget our official manual. These guides were meant to complement it, not replace it!

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Our community leaders often transfer/recreate helpful posts from #support and #discuss here. You may submit a guide to this category directly, but posts are not listed until a moderator approves them. To be considered, it must follow most—if not all—of these guidelines:

  • Be relevant to Emacs or Doom,
  • Be correct and idiomatic,
  • Don’t be redundant with another guide, our docs, or common issues,
  • Don’t be too niche or hacky,
  • Don’t be a question or a call for discussion,
  • Don’t promote workflows or packages Doom discourages the use of or has better alternatives for (like M-x customize, package.el, or exec-path-from-shell).

:warning: Posts here are heavily curated and may be deleted or edited for posterity, clarity, and SEO.

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