A couple of newbie questions about navigating

Sorry for the newbie questions, I just can’t find this info anywhere.

When I invoke a prefix like C-x, for instance, and wait a bit, the available choices in that keymap are shown. Often there is a page indicator such as (1/2). I can’t find any way to move to the next page. No key combination, scrolling the mouse wheel, using the arrow keys, nothing seems to work.

Second question: C-u is bound to evil-scroll-up, which prevents me from using it as the universal argument for commands. How do other people handle this?


I think paging in the which-key popup is disabled (at least when using vertico). Try pressing ? to get a list of all keybindings.

Concerning your second question, AFAIR you can use SPC u to get the universal argument.



? is a good workaround.

Edit: actually, I just disabled vertico and paging is available. Maybe I’ll just roll with that for a while until I feel a need for it. Thanks for mentioning that!

I actually discovered SPC u while @Riccardo_Varenna was helping me on Discord :slight_smile:

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Hello, I’m having the exact same issue.
I’ve tried disabling vertico as you suggest here, but I don’t understand what the benefit is. Did you get a way of navigating the which-key window?
What I’d like to do is just bind some key to “next which-key window”, maybe a mouse scroll or click as that’s something I can’t imagine putting in any other sequence, while not disrupting the actual key sequence you are typing.

No, no resolution yet. It would be nice to figure it out. Surely someone knows.

Ok, thank you. If that’s the case then it would be useful to be able to enlarge that window, but it’s not an actual window, right? It doesn’t have a modeline and here’s no way of moving the cursor there.