A couple of newbie questions about navigating

Sorry for the newbie questions, I just can’t find this info anywhere.

When I invoke a prefix like C-x, for instance, and wait a bit, the available choices in that keymap are shown. Often there is a page indicator such as (1/2). I can’t find any way to move to the next page. No key combination, scrolling the mouse wheel, using the arrow keys, nothing seems to work.

Second question: C-u is bound to evil-scroll-up, which prevents me from using it as the universal argument for commands. How do other people handle this?


I think paging in the which-key popup is disabled (at least when using vertico). Try pressing ? to get a list of all keybindings.

Concerning your second question, AFAIR you can use SPC u to get the universal argument.



? is a good workaround.

Edit: actually, I just disabled vertico and paging is available. Maybe I’ll just roll with that for a while until I feel a need for it. Thanks for mentioning that!

I actually discovered SPC u while @Riccardo_Varenna was helping me on Discord :slight_smile:

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