Where are the jargon explainer things hosted?

I’d like to propose an addition (the term bikeshedding), but I’m not sure where to PR. is the repo public? is there a publicly available list of all of them somewhere? I checked the FAQ but I couldn’t really find anything.

I’m assuming you mean the abbr-tagged terms like these.

They can be set on a per-post basis, or site-wide in the Discourse settings—only accessible to admins[1]. I think it’s better done locally, because the global list is already pretty long and consists mostly of abbreviations, rather than jargon (the sole exceptions being [leader] and [localleader]).

  1. There is no more granularity to its permissions ↩︎

Gotcha, makes sense. Didn’t really think to check the style guide, seems obvious in retrospect. Also apparently discourse has replying... indicators, neat (hi yeet!)

Would it then be useful to have a meta post containing all of them to allow people to propose new ones? (I would think this be almost append only) now ofcourse this opens up debate about terms which may be counter productive but I can also see it being clarifying for a lot of people.

(Hello monad)


Is there a way to see the on-hover-description on mobile? Maybe it’s just my setup (Android, Firefox, installed as PWA), but nothing happens when I touch them.

I’m not opposed to it, I’m just not sure how I’d do that. It’s basically a list of ~50 text fields and no straight-forward way to export it as plain text. I’ll see if I can figure something out. I just crawled the html:

  • rtfm,Read The Fine Manual
  • imo,In my opinion
  • tl;dr,Too Long; Didn’t Read
  • imho,In my honest/humble opinion
  • iirc,If I remember correctly
  • afaik,as far as I know
  • [leader],The leader key (defaults to SPC for evil users and C-c for non-evil users)
  • [localleader],The localleader key (defaults to SPC m for evil users and C-c l for non-evil users)
  • PR,pull request
  • PRs,pull requests
  • ootb,out of the box
  • DRY,don’t repeat yourself
  • MVP,minimal viable product
  • MWE,minimal working example
  • RTFM,Read the Fine Manual
  • TL;DR,Tool Long, Didn’t Read
  • tldr,Too Long, Didn’t Read
  • IMO,In my opinion
  • IMHO,In my honest/humble opinion
  • AFAIK,As far as I know
  • IIRC,If I recall correctly
  • OOTB,Out of the box
  • mwe,minimal working example
  • mvp,minimum viable product
  • AFAICT,As far as I can tell
  • afaict,as far as I can tell
  • FWIW,For what it’s worth
  • fwiw,for what it’s worth
  • IDK,I don’t know
  • idk,I don’t know
  • LMK,let me know
  • lmk,let me know
  • HTH,Hope that helps
  • hth,hope that helps
  • OFC,Of course
  • ofc,of course
  • OSS,Open Source Software
  • oss,Open Source Software
  • FOSS,Free and Open Source Software
  • foss,Free and Open Source Software
  • FLOSS,Free/Libre and Open Source Software
  • floss,Free/Libre and Open Source Software
  • FSF,Free Software Foundation
  • fsf,Free Software Foundation
  • TIL,Today I Learned
  • til,Today I Learnend
  • w/,with
  • WDYM,What do you mean?
  • wdym,What do you mean?
  • NVM,never mind
  • nvm,never mind
  • FYI,For your information
  • fyi,for your information
  • NP,No problem
  • np,no problem
  • BTT,Back to topic
  • btt,back to topic
  • TIA,Thanks in advance
  • tia,Thanks in advance
  • YMMV,Your mileage may vary
  • ymmv,Your mileage may vary
  • TTY,TeleTYpewriter
  • TUI,Terminal User Interface
  • tui,Terminal User Interface
  • TRAMP,Transparent Remote Access, Multiple Protocols
  • PCRE,Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
  • CLI,Command Line Interface
  • CI,Continuous Integration
  • CD,Continuous Deployment
  • XDG,Freedesktop.org project (originally: X Desktop Group)

I just added some basic support for it on mobile. Give it a try


Works pretty well, thanks a lot!

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