How to copy in wayland?

I recently have switched to wayland, and xsel copy stop working, thus I need to use wl-clipboard, and don’t know how to make emacs follow the new rules of the game.

In which direction are you trying to copy, out of (Doom) Emacs or into Emacs?

Generally anything copied from say a browser automatically enters the clipboard and can be pasted into Emacs via p. You can have even more control with SPC i y.

Both, like with X11 @fosskers

When you y y on a line in Emacs, and you then able to Ctrl-v that into a browser’s URL bar?

  1. What kind of grammar is this? 2. Tried and did not work.

y y is the command in Doom Emacs to copy a line to the clipboard. SPC i y let’s you paste something from a list of recent clipboard additions. Do you use Doom or normal Emacs?

This is Doom Emacs’s discourse forum, so I am using Doom Emacs.

Can you elaborate more about your use case?

Needing a specific program to handle clipboard seems like an advanced method as copying and pasting among Emacs and other applications just work OOTB most of the time on popular desktop environments.

I am using KDE Plasma (Wayland) in OpenSUSE Leap 15.5. And if for most desktops you mean X11 DE, you are right, but xsel and xclip don’t work in wayland.

I may have forgot to note that I am running emacs in tty mode?

You should have mentioned that from the very beginning, now it’s a matter of converting xsel commands to wl-clipboard ones without Emacs-specific things.

I have never used xsel, but here are wl-clipboard elisp wrappers I can think of:

; Copying
(call-process "wl-copy"
              (buffer-substring (region-beginning) (region-end)))

; Pasting
   (call-process "wl-paste" nil t nil "--no-newline")

Are you sure that it runs with the module tty?

Just tested it, and they aren’t working. If I try to paste something it only pastes whatever was in the clipboard at startup time

That’s… weird, IWOMM (Plasma 5.27 Wayland, emacs -nw).

I should I said that I put that in my ~/.config/doom/config.el

No… please put it in an interactive function like (defun my-wayland-copy ()....

What did you do with xsel, now just replace with the equivalent wl-copy/paste command.

I have been using the xclip package since my X11 days. Updated when I switched to Wayland. Now it uses the wl-clipboard tool. Works fine both with Doom GUI or no-GUI (i.e. -nw):

(use-package! xclip
  (setq xclip-program "wl-copy")
  (setq xclip-select-enable-clipboard t)
  (setq xclip-mode t)
  (setq xclip-method (quote wl-copy)))


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