:editor format refactor

Yea, I’m really not thrilled with the current state of code formatting in Julia. I’m hoping @kiranshila will get some more time to work on julafmt in the future, but for now GitHub - domluna/JuliaFormatter.jl: An opinionated code formatter for Julia. Plot twist - the opinion is your own. seems to be the standard, and it would probably be worth supporting that.

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That looks like it’s a library though, how would I use that to format a buffer? Is a wrapper script needed or something?

Yea, you’d probably want a wrapper script. https://codeberg.org/FelipeLema/julia-formatter.el seems relevant here.

That starts up a local web service, way more complex than this needs to be and definitely out of scope of apheleia

You can thank Julia’s JIT-AOT compiling + (current) lack of binary caching :crai:

Kiran’s juliafmt would be in rust and hence fine, but it’s still in alpha ATM.

This one looks like a no-for-now then.

Are you able to offer any input on ESS? If you use it :stuck_out_tongue: AFAICT all I need is an R formatter for that one, have a couple but I’m not sure how much that misses out

I haven’t really got any comments on that.

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Would it be possible to make format-all-mode an alias for apheleia-mode? This would make possible for people to seamlessly transition.

Also, for Go, the formatter also needs to be updated (it uses a Lisp expression).

I don’t understand what you want from this. The package will be replaced with no interaction needed.

Using a list is fine

People may have stuff like (add-hook 'python-mode-hook #'format-all-mode) (as hinted in the documentation). This won’t work anymore as they have to use to apheleia-mode. But maybe this is not worth the trouble.

This is:

  (set-formatter! 'gofmt
    '(("%s" (if (or +format-region-p
                    (not (executable-find "goimports")))

This is not handled by the current code (despite the comment of set-formatter! saying otherwise) and apheleia does not know how to handle it either and tries to execute it as is.

I suppose it could be:

  (set-formatter! 'gofmt
    (if (or +format-region-p
                    (not (executable-find "goimports")))

Can’t imagine why, and yeah it probably is

OK well it’ll be removed anyway since it doesn’t do anything vs upstream

I’ve always used styler for R

Yeah I found styler for R, but my understanding is the ESS module is used for other languages too.

Is just provider styler good enough?